Testimonials of Union Histories Services

  • “U.A. Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 60 gives its sincere appreciation to Union Histories and Union Events for making our 125th Anniversary Celebration a huge success! From the first phone call to the after-celebration follow-up, their professionalism and attention to details were very clear. The detail of the History Book was unbelievable, and because of it, we all now have a greater understanding of our forefathers and our place in the history of the City of New Orleans. The Anniversary Celebration was tremendous, and Robyn, the events mamager, did an excellent job working with the event facility staff, the hotel management and the entertainment group. I strongly recommend Union Histories to any local planning an anniversary celebration.”

    -- Curtis Mezzic, Business Manager, U.A. Plumbers & Fitters Local 60, New Orleans

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  • “Union Histories did an outstanding job capturing the tradition of Local 456’s first 100 years because not only did they travel to our Hall and interview everyone from apprentices to retirees, they also visited local libraries and investigated the archives at our International Headquarters. Our members had nothing but positive feedback for the keepsake book, and I recommend any labor organization take advantage of Union Histories' services for a milestone anniversary or just to get your history preserved before that information is lost.”

    -- Michael G. McLaughlin, President, IBEW Local 456, New Brunswick, New Jersey

    Call Michael for a referral at (732) 246-2122

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  • "It was hard to believe that the COST FOR UNION HISTORIES' SERVICES WAS ZERO, but they delivered and then some! The Union History Team helped with every aspect of our 100th celebration; besides creating a fantastic history book of our local, they spoon fed us on how to plan a great event. I don’t know how we would have done it without you; thanks Union Histories!"

    -- Tom Falter, President, IUPAT Glaziers Local 1044, Boston

    E-mail Tom for a referral at falter@fti-ne.org

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  • “Union Histories was a huge asset in planning and pulling off our 125th Anniversary Celebration. The Union Histories staff was very thorough and stayed on top of the entire process from start to finish. Despite of all the changes and curves that we threw their way, they helped us to pull off an event that exceeded all expectations! Not to mention, all of their support and help and an awesome History Book were ALL AT NO COST TO THE LOCAL!”

    -- Jeff Housworth, Business Manager, U.A. Plumbers Local 72, Atlanta

    E-mail Jeff for a referral at  manager72@bellsouth.net

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  • “What a delight it is to make a decision that works out better than anticipated. Our choice to use Union Histories to put together our 125th Anniversary book was that type of decision. Not only did they put together a visually satisfying book but the historical content was second to none. No stone went unturned in their investigations to the point that we were quite surprised at some of the information they came up with. Thanks to Union Histories our celebration was complete.”

    -- Business Manager Terry Snooks, U.A. Plumbers Local 46, Toronto

    E-mail Terry for a referral at terrysnooks@ualocal46.org

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  • "IBEW Local 725’s History Book took center stage at our 100th Anniversary Banquet. After spending countless hours researching and writing the Local’s history, Union Histories pulled through with a History Book that our members, retirees and friends will have forever. We now consider Cal, Andy and the Union Histories staff a part of the IBEW Local 725 family thanks to the professionalism and personal touch they provided."

    -- Joseph Kerr, Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 725, Terre Haute

    E-mail Joe for a referral at unionhall@ibew725.org

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  • “They say ‘you get what you pay for.’ Well, that is NOT the case with Union Histories. At NO COST to our local, Union Histories helped make our 125th Anniversary Celebration a great success! The entire process was easy and the outcome was nothing short of excellent. I would recommend Union Histories to any local union that wants to celebrate a special event with a high-quality historical publication and professional assistance all along the way.”

    -- Andy Roberts, Business Manager, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 33, Des Moines

    E-mail Andy for a referral at aroberts@ualocal33.org

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  • "Our 75th Anniversary publication is awesome! Our members love it! We want to thank Cal, Andy and the entire staff at Union Histories for an outstanding and seamless job. They took a mountain of information and photographs and put it all in a timeline of our contribution to our city and our region. Union Histories made this task so easy, from the extensive research through the production of the book they were really great to work with. Thanks again. Great job!"

    -- Walt Higgins, Business Manager, LIUNA Laborers Local Union 57, Philadelphia

    E-mail Local 57 for a referral at everajr@laborers57.org

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  • “Union Histories did an outstanding job for our Centennial Celebration. When my Membership Development Director suggested we use Union Histories, I was very skeptical and thought there would have to be a catch -- but not only did Local 231 receive a check from Union Histories for advertisements sold, every member walked away with a copy of the History Book AT NO COST TO US. I would recommend any union local use Union Histories for any upcoming special event you have. Thank you, Union Histories, very much!”

    -- Business Manager Jason Bowman, I.B.E.W. Local 231, Sioux City, Iowa

    E-mail Jason for a referral at ibew231jb@cableone.net

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  • “Local 58 thanks the entire staff at Union Histories for their tireless efforts in producing one of the most well-researched and well-put-together History Books we have seen. They came to town and hit the streets to find pictures and stories that we have not ever seen! The book was a huge success with all who attended our 125th Anniversary Celebration. We have NO second thoughts in recommending Union Histories to any local with an upcoming anniversary celebration.”

    -- President Dale Thrower, U.A. Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 58, Colorado Springs

    E-mail Dale for a referral at dale@local58.org

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  • "Union Histories did a wonderful job with our 110th Anniversary History Book; their team came in and blew us away! The level of information they uncovered was incredible. On top of all that, their level of professionalism and dedication was impeccable. I highly recommend that all unions get Union Histories to help put together a book for them."

    -- Business Manager David Baker, Iron Workers Local 44, Cincinnati, OH

    E-mail Dave for a referral at d.baker@fuse.net

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  • “U.A. Local 43 shouts a huge “Thank You” to Union Histories for putting together our 125th Anniversary Commemorative Program book. The detail of the book, which was laid out through extensive research and hard work, was better than we ever dreamed it would be. An event such as our milestone anniversary celebration requires a lot of time and work to pull together, but Union Histories took the work out of it ... we would recommend them to anyone planning an anniversary event!”

    -- Business Manager David Tolley, U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 43, Chattanooga

    E-mail David for a referral at dltolley@ua43.org

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  • "It was the best move for Iron Workers Local 172 to have Calvin, Andy and the Union Histories team work on our 100-Year Anniversary Event. They provided a great history book and many other services, as well, AT NO COST to us! Everything was on time and I would recommend Union Histories for any local planning an historic event. THANK YOU for all your hard work!"

    -- Business Manager John Burns II, Iron Workers Local 172, Columbus, OH

    E-mail Local 172 for a referral at amburgey@ironworkers172.com

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  • "Union Histories was an invaluable part of our entire anniversary celebration -- not to mention they produced an incredible History Book that will be cherished by our membership for years to come. Their research was on point and the book looked absolutely wonderful. It is hard to believe that Union Histories did all that they did for us at NO COST -- and even collected additional funding for the local, too. THANK YOU UNION HISTORIES!"

    -- Business Manager Carl Wright, Insulators Local 38, Wilkes-Barre, PA

    E-mail Carl for a referral at cw42468@gmail.com

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  • “The Union Histories staff was amazing throughout the whole process for our 100th Anniversary, they made it so easy. The event went really well, and the History Book was a big hit (our International Vice President was in town for the event, and he loved the book also!). It's nice for the younger membership to learn the struggles of the earlier generations. Thanks, Union Histories, for all your help in making the History Book and event a success.”

    -- Business Manager Sean Frank, I.B.E.W. Local 127, Kenosha

    E-mail Sean for a referral at ibew127@wi.rr.com

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  • "Thanks to Union Histories, our 125th Anniversary Celebration was a huge success! Calvin, Andy and Steven did an incredible job researching and putting together the program, designing the invitations, taking care of the mailing and the printing and many other details. With their help, planning the event was a breeze! Thanks again to Union Histories and their excellent staff -- it was great working with them from start to finish."

    -- Business Manager Armstrong & Office Staff, UA Plumbers Local 55, Cleveland

    E-mail Local 55 for a referral at cfarmer@plumbers55.com

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  • "IBEW Local 347's experience with Union Histories was terrific -- they almost made it too easy! Union Histories did all of the research, took care of all of the sponsorships and arranged for the printing, mailings and deliveries ... and they delivered a professional history book product at NO COST to our local! They went above and beyond all of my expectations, and I have nothing but good things to say about their services."

    -- Patrick Wells, Business Manager, IBEW Local 347, Des Moines

    E-mail Pat for a referral at phwells@ibewlu347.org

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  • "Pipefitters Local Union 636 would like to commend Union Histories on creating a wonderful product for us in celebration of our Centennial Anniversary. The extensive research, creation of a logical storyline and layout of pictures within the historical passage was very well done and exceeded expectations. We are very happy we collaborated with Union Histories; you made the project not only bearable but enjoyable!"

    -- Joe Bourgeois, Financial Secretary, Steamfitters Local Union 636, Detroit

    E-mail Joe for a referral at jbourgeois@pipefitters636.org

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  • "Union Histories not only produced a high-quality, fantastic history program book for our 100th Anniversary celebration, but they were also helpful throughout the whole event process. Dealing with Union Histories was a pleasant experience."

    -- Russell Quarantello, Business Manager, I.B.E.W. Local Union 237

    E-mail Russ for a referral at ibew237@yahoo.com

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  • "Without the professional help of Union Histories, our 100th-anniversary party would not have come close to the success it was. The book they put together was of the finest quality by all standards of workmanship and content, and I have had numerous calls from our members bragging about the book! I would recommend that any local union with a landmark year coming up contact Union Histories."

    -- Dana (Joe) Samples, Business Manager, IBEW Local 466

    E-mail Joe for a referral at joes@ibew466.org

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  • "The officers and members of Steamfitter’s Local 601 would like to thank Union Histories for their work on our 100th anniversary book. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the staff at Union Histories; they provided us with a book that will be enjoyed by members and their families for years to come. I would highly recommend them to any local that is having an anniversary. Thanks again guys; see you in 25 years!"

    -- Dale Poweleit, President, Steamfitters Local Union 601, Milwaukee

    E-mail Dale for a referral at uafitter@sbcglobal.net

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  • "On behalf of IUPAT Local 781, I want to thank Union Histories for all they did to help celebrate our 100th anniversary. The history program book Union Histories produced for us was absolutely amazing and was a big hit with our membership. Union Histories did an outstanding job and we really appreciate all the work they put into the book!"

    -- Marcus Shepard, President, IUPAT Local 781, Milwaukee

    E-mail Marcus for a referral at marcus@iupatdc7.com

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  • "We cannot thank Union Histories enough for all that they gave to our 100-year anniversary event! Their staff was knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with, and the program was amazing -- the membership loved it. IBEW 601 and IBEW 236 were merged in the 1970s, so they essentially researched the histories of two locals, utilizing information at Local 601, local libraries and the International Office."

    -- Office Staff, IBEW Local 601, Champaign-Urbana-Streator-Pontiac

    E-mail Local 601 for a referral at phuls@ibew601.org

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  • "I would like to thank Union Histories for all the hard work and research they completed to ensure we had the very best Anniversary Program Book to celebrate Local 824's 50th Anniversary with the IBEW. Our Program was a first-class product and received many raves from the membership. I would definitely recommend Union Histories to any locals looking for a professional program."

    -- Robert J. Prunn, Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 824, Tampa

    E-mail Local 824 for a referral at admin@ibew824.org

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  • "Thanks for the book, it really looks wonderful. I feel so good about the history and even more proud of the local union I belong to. The book is truly wonderful; I didn't realize I had gathered so much history -- and of course Union Histories adding more made the book the best I have ever seen. Again, thanks; it was nice working with you!"

    -- Tracy Hall, Local Historian, IBEW Local 611, Albuquerque

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  • "Our 100th Year anniversary was such a huge success and I want to thank Union Histories for the outstanding job they provided our organization. The history program book was so professional and the history you were able to provide is something we will keep forever. Again, thank you for making our 100th year such a fantastic event."

    -- Stephen Aldrich, Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 269, Trenton

    E-mail Steve for a referral at saldrich@ibew269.com

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  • "I would like to give my sincere appreciation to Union Histories. The members at our 75th Anniversary Celebration were truly taken aback by the history book you produced for our event. My office still gets 'thank yous' and compliments from members on how professional the history book came out. Our 75th Anniversary could have not been such a knockout without Union Histories' contribution!"

    -- Shane Werner, Business Manager, IBEW Local 952, Ventura

    E-mail Shane for a referral at shane@ibewlu952.org

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