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Q: How long before we need a history program book for an event (even if we don’t know the specific date yet) should our local contract with Union Histories to produce our history program book?
A: Union Histories works with many locals and wants to provide each with the very best history program book possible; therefore, the most lead time available with any local is always best, so your local should begin working with Union Histories as early as possible.

Q: How long does it take Union Histories to create a history program book for a local union?
A: Union Histories likes to have as much time as possible to fully research, procure advertisements (if needed) and put together/design a history program book; part of our research also always involves at least a 3-day trip to the local. We can do a history project over a period of 5 to 9 months — but the more time, the better! (Note that part of our service is creation of a special, unique history logo for each local – so if the local would like to use the logo prior to an event, it should begin working with Union Histories sooner rather than later.)

Q: How is Union Histories able to offer NO COST history program book production?
A: Union Histories will sell advertising and sponsorships for the book on behalf of a local — and all sponsorship funds are provided to the local.

Q: Union Histories will sell sponsorships for the local; what can the local do with the sponsorship funds?
A: Anything it wishes to do with them … from paying for printing to helping defer costs of an anniversary or special event associated with the book production. We will work with you to find the right sponsorships!

Q: What if Union Histories does not sell a sufficient amount of advertising for a NO COST book?
A: Union Histories pledges to provide a no-cost book should a local choose that option (we also provide fee options for locals that want to sell their own ads or want no ads in the book) — and we’ll work hard to sell ads and sponsorships … but if a significant amount are not sold, there is still NO COST of our services to the local!

Q: What if the local wants to sell ads itself?
A: Union Histories will work with the local to set a proper FEE for our services, so that the local can sell advertising itself … and Union Histories will still assist with the ad sales and provide advertisers with no cost design services for their ads!

Q: Is the history research and quality of the book any different with a NO COST history program book?
A: OF COURSE NOT! Union Histories takes great pride in providing ALL of our local union clients with the most thorough and complete history and highest-quality history book possible. THAT IS OUR GUARANTEE!

Q: Can our local use a local printer for printing our books?
A: YES! Union Histories gets print quotes from multiple union printers, and will work with a local printer; the final decision on a printer will be made by the local.

Q: Where does Union Histories find historic information about a local?
A: In short, EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE! The best source is a local’s own archives (meeting minutes, old files, old articles) as well as the International’s records (including past magazine articles). But Union Histories also visits libraries, museums, newspapers, labor publications and scours through old newspapers, books, newsletters, photo archives, etc. to find all the information available on a local.

We love it when we hear — and we often hear it:
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