Our History Books

Union Histories works with numerous union locals representing multiple trades across North America, thoroughly researching and expertly creating their history program books for special events, occasions and anniversaries. Our Locals’ books are displayed below.

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IBEW Local 229
York, Pennsylvania
Ironworkers Local 263
Dallas - Ft. Worth - Arlington, Texas
UA Local 78
Los Angeles, California
Insulators Local 5
Los Angeles, California
UA Local 3
Denver, Colorado
IUPAT Local 681
Rochester, Minnesota
IBEW Local 611
Albuquerque, New Mexico
UA Local 75
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
U.A. Local 120
Cleveland, Ohio
IBEW Local 7
Springfield, Mass.
Bricklayers Local 1
Portland, Oregon
IUOE Local 701
Portland, Oregon
UA Local 60
New Orleans, Louisiana
IBEW Local 743
Reading, Pennsylvania
IUPAT Local 845
Lansing, Michigan
Ironworkers Local 172
Columbus, Ohio
IBEW Local 558
Sheffield, Alabama
Insulators Local 28
Denver, Colorado
Teamsters Local 690
Spokane, Washington
IBEW Local 400
New Jersey Shore
OPCMIA Local 404
Cleveland, Ohio
IBEW Local 17
Detroit, Michigan
UA Local 85
Saginaw, Michigan
UA Local 72
Atlanta, Georgia
IBEW Local 804
Central Ontario, Canada
IBEW Local 143
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
UA Local 46
Toronto, Canada
Minneapolis, Minnesota
OPCMIA Local 592
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
IUPAT Local 939
Dorchester, Mass.
IBEW Local 426
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
IBEW Local 596
Clarksburg, West Virginia
IBEW Local 317
Huntington, West Virginia
IUPAT Local 1010
Orlando, Florida
IBEW Local 688
Mansfield, Ohio
UA Local 33
Des Moines, Iowa
IUPAT Local 781
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
IBEW Local 231
Sioux City, Iowa
UA Local 58
Colorado Springs, Colorado
IBEW Local 456
New Brunswick, NJ
Insulators Local 38
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Laborers Local 57
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
UA Local 44
Spokane, Washington
SEIU Local 1984
New Hampshire, Connecticut
IATSE Local 461
Niagara Falls, Ontario CA
IBEW Local 131
Kalamazoo, Michigan
IUPAT Local 1052
Flint, Michigan
Ironworkers Local 44
Cincinnati, Ohio
IBEW Local 237
Niagara Falls, New York
IBEW Local 127
Kenosha, Wisconsin
UA Local 43
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ironworkers Local 167
Memphis, Tennessee
UA Steamfitters Local 601
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
IBEW Local 347
Des Moines
IATSE Local 321
Tampa Bay
UA Local 55
IBEW Local 725
Terre Haute
IBEW Local 601
IBEW Local 194
IBEW Local 466
IBEW Local 2150
IBEW Local 269
IBEW Local 952