No Cost Production

We love it when we hear – and we often hear it:
"How did you find that? We did not know that about our local!"

Union Histories will fully research and produce a high-quality, full-color History Program Book for your local union — a keepsake for members, retirees and friends for any special occasion or anniversary celebration!

There are NO COSTS for our services — plus, Union Histories
will sell SPONSORSHIPS to earn funds for the local
AND provide the local with a portion of ad sales generated for the book.

Our staff fully researches, writes and produces your local union’s entire history, complete with historic photos and images. Union Histories will examine all archives available, from your local’s own meeting minutes to your international’s records to local newspapers, to compile as complete and accurate a history as possible.

There are NO COSTS, NO UP-FRONT FEES and NO OUT-OF-POCKETS EXPENSES for the production of your book for a special anniversary or event (printing costs are involved, of course — but ads and sponsorship sales can cover those, too)!

Union Histories sells ads for the book and gives a percentage of the ad revenues back to the local — AND we will sell Sponsorships for your book to help your local fund the book production and an special event.


Fee-Option Books

Your local can also opt for a no-ad book OR your local can sell advertisements itself …

With either of these production options, Union Histories will work with your local to formulate a fee schedule that will be best for the local!

Additional No-Cost Event Services

Union Histories wants your entire celebration event to be the very best it can be!

Union Histories will not only research your local’s history, we will also develop an iconic logo and branding package for your local’s history book (and other event items such as invitations, gifts, etc.) — and if it’s a special anniversary you are celebrating (such as a 100-year charter anniversary), we will create a special logo for that, too.

We offer you these additional services AT NO ADDITIONAL COSTS:

  • Special Anniversary Logo Design
  • Invitation Design
  • Ad and Sponsorship Tracking
  • Advertisement Design for Advertisers
  • Photo-Slideshow Production
  • Signage Design
  • Speech-Writing
  • And More (just ask us how we can help)!

Union Printing Services

Union Histories will handle the printing logistics of your history — we only use a UNION PRINT SHOP and we never mark-up the costs! (You will be given an invoice directly from the printer!)

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