UA Local 43

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Union Histories produced a NO COST History Program Book for U.A. Local 43’s 125th Anniversary Celebration on August 29, 2015 … along with the full, complete history of the local included in the book, Union Histories also produced a SLIDE SHOW of all the local’s historic photos, which was displayed at the celebration event.

"U.A. Local 43 shouts a huge “Thank You” to Union Histories for putting together our 125th Anniversary Commemorative Program book. The detail of the book, which was laid out through extensive research and hard work, was better than we ever dreamed it would be. An event such as our milestone anniversary celebration requires a lot of time and work to pull together, but Union Histories took the work out of it ... we would recommend them to anyone planning an anniversary event!"

David Tolley, Business Manager, UA Local 43